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Connection through the Lens of Spiritual Awareness

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Welcome Beautiful Soul

My name is Dawn,

I am a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic, Medium, Spirit Channel and Spirit Guide Communicator.

As an Empath and intuitive I feel deeply and understand the difficulties so many sensitives experience in a world that is fast paced and hectic, helping you to identify and practice a balanced lifestyle.

I see you and more importantly, I see your potential.

Dawn has a deep connection to the Spirit World and serves Spiritual Churches and Centres to bring messages of love and healing and proof of eternal life. Public speaking to empower and heal through Inspirational Address, channelled through Dawns Spirit Guides, plays a massive part in making spirits voice available to all.

My mission is to empower and encourage sensitive and empathic souls, who wish to explore their spiritual abilities, to enhance and enrich their lives. From Beginners through to Advanced, with aspirations to work in the Spiritual field or to just feel more connected and balanced.


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Monday 29th July 2024
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The Awakened Spiritual Hub spiritual Learning Community

My journey started quite late in life, although I had experienced connection to spirit and was aware of my Psychic Abilities, meaningful development began when I was working through grief from a family loss, I was seeking more meaning in my life.

I faced a lot of challenges, half of that challenge was my own expectations, the other half was inexperience, I understand that better than ever and this has shaped me into the mentor I am today.

I am deeply passionate about my work and the voice of spirit that wants to be shared and heard, authenticity and integrity are more important than quick wins and surface level achievements and I always teach from that perspective.

Dawn has trained and achieved an Accreditation with the Lisa Williams School of Spiritual Development, Dawn is also certified within Reiki, Angelic Healing and Rahanni.

I am Essex based and work in person or online.