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50 Affirmations for the Mind, Body and Spirit

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You are so much more than you think you are


What we tell ourselves and what we think become an internal conversation that we not only listen to, but that we buy into as well

When we are able to nurture our thoughts, and learn strategies to help us to reframe the narrative, we step away from self doubt and low self-esteem, and we step into more positivity, compassion, and understanding for ourselves, and for others

I have created 50 affirmations for the Mind, Body and Spirit that you can use to help you regain your confidence and bring balance into your life

You need nothing more and consistency, and action to transform, not only you’re thinking, but your life

The journey is not outward it is inward, creating space mentally, striving for balance and nurturing your true authentic self, with compassion and self forgiveness

Dawn X